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Dirty Girl Purse Set

Adorable pink, see-through purse contains raspberry lip balm, lily bubble bath and slightly sandalwood Dirty Girl Soap. Transforms you into an immaculate sweet smelling specimen of beauty. Like as if you weren¹t one already! Made in USA; all-natural.


Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill Hatbox Gift Set

Embellished with regal botanical illustration, this stunning signature hatbox houses a harem of heavenly products that soothe and pamper: soap, bath gel, lotion, powder and a scented votive.


Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill Gift Cube

When I was 5, my sophisticated Aunt Sara brought me a beautiful box from Aix-en-Provence, filled with lavender. This is even better. Soap, lotion and powder, scented like wildflowers and summer lawns, in a beautiful box. Anything but square: 7" x 4" x 3 1/2".


Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill Mineral Bath

Soak in silky water swirling with summer, singing with crickets, fragrant with wildflowers. Six 1.4 oz. envelopes in a pretty 5 ³ x 5² x 2² box. Your bath is ready, your highness.


Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill Votives

Kiss the air with the fresh scent of summer: with lilies and tuberose, lilac and grass. Light these on the porch, or around your bath, and imagine a summer lawn lit by fireflies at night.





Happy Birthday to You! Flower Power partyware strikes a power chord with teens or anyone in jeans: daisy-delic dishes, cheerful apple-red utensils and simply the happiest tablecloth you've ever shared a birthday cake on. All you need is love.


Day-Glo Daisies

Passion flower: Dreamy, daisy-decked die-cut invitations announce "It's A Party" in day-glo colors so bright, you need shades. Invitations are 4" x 6" with envelopes.


Daisy Invitation

Sixteen candles, and it's about time. It's about date and location, too, all wrapped up in this swingin'  sixties-style die-cut invitation, decked with flower power. 4" x 5 1/2", with envelopes.


Purple Tube Light

Your Party, Plugged. Mark off the dance floor, light the walkway, interestingly illuminate the buffet. Only the most purpular kid in town would think of this totally tubular purple tube light, 9' long.


Daisy Candle

Please don't eat the daisies. Light Œem. Stack of 5 glittery, bright wax daisies creates a totally flower-powered atmosphere. 4" candle.




Pasta Time Dinner Party Game

Care to make a faux pasta? Get things cooking at your dinner party with saucy,

meaty, cheesy and spicy questions that will loosen up even your most "al dente" guest. 11" x 1 1/2".


Chinese Fortune Sticks

Itching to throw the i ching? Consult Chinese Fortune Sticks instead. Shake,

toss and look up the number. Expert guide has Tao poetry for each stick, with

enlightening interpretations of each. Bamboo sticks, stylish shaker and

112-page guide included.


Tea Leaf Reading Set

Need some tea and sympathy? Demystify the ancient art of tea leaf reading. Specially-shaped teacup, loose black tea, instructions and dictionary of interpretations included.




Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Guide to Etiquette

It's all here in this classic guide, first published in 1952: the last word on

weddings, dining, business meetings, letters, you-name-it. Completely updated by White House Staff Coordinator Nancy Tuckerman and businesswoman Nancy Dunnon, it's indispensable. Hardcover; 786 pages.


Williams-Sonoma Cookbook

Advice on every aspect of entertaining, for those of us with more taste than

time, from the Food and Entertaining Director of Williams-Sonoma, Donata

Maggipinto. Simple recipes--how does Chicken Paillards with Saffron Sauce grab you?--and styling tips. Lots of juicy photographs. Hardcover; 8 1/2" x 10 1/4";

240 pages.


John Hadamuscin Cookbook

Celebrating the down-home goodness of the American Kitchen, John Hadamuscin takes us from a New England picnic to a family reunion in Ohio. Ogle heaps of mouthwatering photos of his home style cooking as you prepare these straightforward, scratch recipes. Hardcover; 192 pages. 8 3/4" x 11 1/4".


The Perfect Cocktail

Written by a seasoned bartender, The Perfect Cocktail teaches the nuts and

bolts of tending bar. Accessible and hip, this resource pours out information like margueritas on Cinco de Mayo. 600 definitions, 1,000 cocktail recipes. 5" x 7"; 389 pages, paperback.


Chez Panisse Dessert Book

What could be more legendary than Chez Panisse Desserts? These recipes range from exquisite to decadent and are described with clarity and precision.

Affectionately illustrated with crosshatching by the great Wayne Thiebaud.

Trade paper; 7 1/4" x 9".



Floral finger bowls, antique linens, ribbon-tied centerpieces: it's all here in

Tabletops, full of crisp, dazzling photos and plenty of easygoing ideas. Have

you considered sod, as a tablecloth? Inside? 136 fascinating pages; 7 3/4" x 10





Beatrix Potter Wrap

"Now my dears," said old Mrs. Rabbit one morning, "you may go into the fields or down the lane, but don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden..." So begin the loveliest children's stories ever. These manuscript pages, along with tender vignettes from Mrs. Potter's beloved stories, decorate this elegant wrap. Abundant roll is 5" long x 30" wide.


Beatrix Potter Tote

Is someone expecting a little bunny? Peter Rabbit(tm) tote is illustrated with our favorite mischief maker in Mr. McGregor's garden. Tote home carrots and cabbages from your favorite cabbage patch; large grocery-bag size tote is 17" x 20" x 4 1/2"


Beatrix Potter Collection

More than 27 original Beatrix Potter(tm) tales and verses, complete and unabridged, along with Mrs. Potter's intricate and loving illustrations, have been painstakingly reproduced and printed in this hardcover treasury. Full color, 8" x 10 1/4", 400 pages.




Pink Flamingos

Bored? Need some company? Have a flamingo...or two. Over 2' high pink pair pose on slender aluminum legs, in two different moods flamingo. You have to buy the trailer separately.


Faux Orchid Plant

Scatter a few pots of  faux phalaneopis orchids, and create the most blissful mood this side of Paradise. Realistic plant in Polynesian-style basket is 2 1/2 feet high.


Pineapple Oilcloth

Outstanding old-fashioned oilcloth has perky pink-and-orange pineapple basket motif on an orchid-ornamented grass-green ground. Very loud and very long; great for luaus. 4' wide x 7' long.


Hula Outfit

When was the last time you did a kaholo? Slip on the lei and the pearl-and-flower studded grass skirt and bikini top, and find out! Hula-rity ensues, we promise. Large; skirt is 36" wide x 26" long.


Tiki Candles

No time to go to Easter Island, but crave the atmosphere? Turn heads at your luau or fiesta with these 4" Easter Island Tiki candles, and you'll feel very enlightened.


Aloha Mug

You've got a frond, or two, with this  large, 10 oz. ceramic Aloha-from-Hawaii mug, decorated with old-fashioned surf and sunset Hawaiian postcards. Perfect for Kona coffee or even a nice Hawaiian punch.


Bamboo Coasters

Swing and sway in a bamboo way with these tropical bamboo coasters. 5" diameter, natural bamboo; set of 4.




Chronicle Books' Wedding Organizer Kit

Beautifully illustrated and photographed, this

one-stop wedding planner offers a time line, a checklist and

guidance for everything, from your hair to your

honeymoon. Part guest book, part journal, this

indispensable book will hold the key to all your

treasured memories.  9" x 11", in dusty rose.


Tengjyo Paper Tablecloth, 72"

White Japanese tengjyo paper (like rice paper)

tablecloth achieves a formal yet whimsical grace on

your wedding table. White-on-white dotted Swiss, with

scalloped edge; 72" diameter.




Alien Bag

Feeling alienated? Join the gang! Bring your Alien Bag. The eerie green mask, martian-flavored gumballs, other-worldly stampers and pencils, a curious colossal sour jawbreaker, and  bubbles, bubbles everywhere will provide an extra-terrestrial atmosphere.


Alien Gumballs

Is it Green Apple? Lime? Martian? You'll have to try these for yourself to find out! Martian-green bubblegum ball is stamped with the sign of the alien and individually wrapped, so be ready for anything.


Alien Sour Jawbreaker

Those Aliens must have some jaws, because this jawbreaker is so monstrous, it's almost a planet! And prepare to pucker up: it's hecka sour, too. Individually warped. We mean wrapped.


Alien Pencil-Topper Stamps

Give letters and artwork the Alien Seal of Approval with alien pencil-top self-inking stampers. Stampers come in 10 different designs and dazzling colors, and leave their mark in purple, pink or teal.


Neon Pencils

Are you taking notes? Other-worldly neon pencils are school-quality graphite pencils, wrapped in neon colors that will add zip to anyone's space case.


Alien Bubbles

Forever blowing bubbles? Then you need alien bubbles, at a price that is out-of-this-world. Earthling-friendly Alien Bubbles make sure everyone has a wand-erful time.


Sports Goody Bag

Here's the pitch: Touch all the bases with our very special sports bag. Ball bearing notepad, bubble gum, stickers and pencils come in a variety of popular sports, and will make your party a big hit— even after the fat lady sings.


Cello Sports Bags

These festive, transparent cellophane goody bags guarantee that your party will go the distance. Flying footballs, bouncing basketballs, soaring soccer balls and bouncing baseballs make it perfectly clear.


Sports Bubblegum Balls

Be a good sport! Bite off more than you can chew with these chunky baseball, basketball and soccer ball bubblegum balls.


Smiley Face Kiddie Sunglasses

Grey skies are gonna clear up, so put on your  Smiley Face sunglasses. UV protection, 5" kid's sunglasses are so darned cheerful, everyone else will need to put theirs on too!


Stationary Set

Spread sunshine all over the place with this Smiley Face stationary set! Here's all you need to de-gloom a room: sunny stickers, "happy accident" erasers and a pencil just bursting with glee.


Smiley Face Bubbles

Show off that bubbly personality with Smiley Face Bubbles! We think making double bubbles with these is just wand-aful. Approximately 3 oz.  yellow plastic bottle.


Happy Face Treat Sacks

All the little birdies go treat, treat, treat when they see these cute, drawstring Happy Face Treat Sacks. These round, 7" diameter Happy Sacks are so bright and roomy, they'll be a feather in your cap.




Wax Candle Adhesive Buttons

These sticky wax disks secure candles in their holders

so they won't fall over; they also anchor wobbly

chatchkes and uncooperative party decorations.15 1/2"

diameter buttons per 5" x 4" card.


Large Glass Disc Candle Base

A beautiful, bubbly glass brick, this clear, solid

disc of glass is the perfect launching pad for pillar

candles 5" in diameter or smaller. 5 3/4" diameter

disk is about 1" high.


White Tapers

Kindle good feelings when you light these graceful,

white 12" tapers. 7/8" base tapered candles are

hand-dipped 36 times, made in the USA, and are

smokeless, dripless and individually cello-wrapped.


Celadon Tapers

Nothing is more regal than a procession of jade-like

celadon 12" tapers. 7/8" base tapered candles are

hand-dipped 36 times, made in the USA, and smokeless,

dripless and individually cello-wrapped.

smokeless, dripless and individually cello-wrapped.


Antique Rose Tapers

The mood is classic: lace, baby's breath, heirlooms.

Definitely Old Rose. Bask in the glow of these

smokeless, dripless and individually cello-wrapped 12"

tapers. 7/8" at the base, they are hand-dipped 36

times. Made in the USA.


Black Tapers

For elegance and simplicity, nothing beats the drama

of basic black. These smokeless, dripless,

individually cello-wrapped 12" tapers are 7/8" at the

base, and are hand-dipped 36 times. Made in the USA.


Daffodil Tapers

Happiness blooms when you light up your rooms with

delightful daffodil tapers. These smokeless, dripless,

individually cello-wrapped 12" tapers are 7/8" at the

base, and are hand-dipped 36 times. Made in the USA.




Flower Frame

Encourage a budding friendship with an adorable, sparkly "Best Buds" frame. Put one face in the pot, one in the flower, and watch your friendship grow! Red/green or pink/purple; let us pick for you.


Girl¹s Stationary Set

Tubular belles will have a ball with this super stationary set. Ladylike pink-and-purple butterfly themed set includes plain & colored pencils, big eraser, pink butterfly ruler and a sharpener cocooning in the top.


Inflatable Backpack

Air will be walking on you when you blow up this light, bright "air pack." Backpack is 11 3/4"x 12 1/2" x 7" and comes with its own repair kit at a price that is anything but inflated. Assorted colors; let us pick for you.


Sparkle Snaps

The twinkliest thing since stars, these snap onto your hair, t-shirt, jeans, or any place that needs a little sparkle. So make it snappy. Multicolored, pastel gems come 6 to a twinkly, winkly card.


Wind-up Butterfly

Looking for that perfect toy, somewhere between whimsical and witty? Wing it with this colorful 5 1/2" wind-up butterfly. Flapping, crawling plastic butterfly is the nicest butterfly on the 'net.


Marabou Pens

Take copious notes, write in your diary or sign the Declaration of Independence with a flourish. Egg-stravagant marabou-feather pens-de-plume, like slender lava lamps, swirl with glitter. Set of 4: hot pink, green, purple and teal.




Party Description:

Dressing up is hard to do, but not when Minnie Mouse is around. Minnie loves pretty hats and shoes, beads and gloves, so unpack that dress-up wear and throw a Dress-Up Minnie Birthday Party. With dreamy pink 'n purple Minnie tableware and Minnie Bingo for fun, everyone, Minnie and mini, has a mice day!


Pattern Set:

A coquettish Minnie dressed to the nines, just for your birthday party, whatever the number! Look at this fashionable tableware. Pink-lady pink, trimmed in violet, accented with pix of the poshest accessories. Mouseover Minnie and everything will be just mouse-velous, Darling.


Minnie Treat Bags

Still livin' in a paper-doll world? You'll love these Dress Up Minnie Goody Bags; they look like adorable little lavender purses! Fill with goodies like candy necklaces and play nail polish, and you'll be just like the big girls.


Vanilla Curling Ribbon Egg

Care for an egg cream? Yummy vanilla curling ribbon is good enough to eat. Heap frothy, curled vanilla ribbon on presents; string balloons or flavor your favors with creamy vanilla curliques. 50' of ribbon.




Party Description:

If you think something fishy is going on, you're right! The smelt and the sprat, they know where it's at, Under the Sea with The Little Mermaid. Life is the bubbles when you party with Ariel and her bubbly underwater pals. Aquamarine the scene with oceans of turquoise streamers, bring out the Arielware and pass the little chocolate fishies-this party is going to be a big splash!



The smelt and the sprat, they know where it's at, Under the Sea with The Little Mermaid! Life is the bubbles when you party with Ariel and her bubbly underwater pals.



Whip up a bubbly and bauble-y Little Mermaid Birthday Party that is anything but wishy-washy.


Mermaid Pinata

All the Little Merpeople will gather treasures buried

in this adorable red-haired mermaid pinata. Genuine 24" Mexican

pinata comes ready-to-fill with fruits-de-mer of any stripe: chocolate fishies, Little Mermaid toys and stickers. Anyone for salt-water taffy?


Ravensburger Rainbow Fish Game

The carp play the harp, the plaice play the bass, and everyone wants to play this opulent, glittery Rainbow Fish Game from Ravensburger. It also makes a swell prize. Accommodates 2-6 players, age 5-10.


Mylar Little Mermaid Balloon

Scale great heights! Float a shimmery Little Mermaid balloon or two over your mailbox or front door, and everyone can go with the flow. Beautiful 26" Mylar balloon has adorable Ariel on both sides, and makes a treasured party favor.


Chocolate Fishies

These little red fishnet bags have caught the prettiest, most yummy

chocolate fish. Have your party go swimmingly with this multicolored

foil-wrapped chocolate seafood, and you won't have to fish for compliments.




Two's Company Antique Brocade Sari Table Runner

Swaddle yourself in mousseline-de-soie, and come with us to the Casbah. You can almost hear the finger cymbals as you set out in this patchwork of actual antique brocade sari fabric. Each one is unique. 85" long x 15" wide.


Sarut 12 Spice Set

These spices are as spunky as if they'd arrived on a schooner from the South Seas. The flavors of five continents are packed in a rustic shipping crate, and include Paella Spices, Five Chinese Spices, and Ras-El-Harout, a North African curry blend. 71/2" square crate is 2 3/4" high.


Two's Company Turkish Cafe Tray

Turkish coffee, poured into small cups, foams at the top and is meant to exhilarate.  Mint tea, poured by a standing attendant, is considered an aphrodisiac. Serve either on this traditional 14" brass tray, or one before, and one after, the belly dancing.


Two's Company 16" Patchwork Antique Brocade Sari Pillow

Your tent is lavish, hung with tapestries, redolent of incense, cardamom and mint tea. Scatter these genuine antique sari pillows and receive guests like the Queen of Sheba. Each pillow is completely unique.


Two's Company Antique Brocade Coasters

Expecting the Sheik of Araby? Serve his drinks on a harem of sensuous sari swatches, so he can feel at home. 6 different 4" brocade coasters, all buttoned up in a very intimate-looking brocade envelope.


Two's Company Set of 3 Delilah Bangles

Set with mirrors, beads and stones, these three flashy bangles are a perfect complement to that jewel in your navel. In a colorful organza pouch, they make perfect party favors; green, pink and purple.




109213 Garden Party 10" Octagonal Paper Plates

Mackenzie-Childs' pottery is designed "to give a sense

of freedom, jubilance and purity." Now we can enjoy

this offbeat elegance in paper! Sturdy "Garden Party"

octagonal dinner plates are a madcap melange of

traditional floral, Italian marbled paper, and their

own distinctive checkerboard motifs. Set of 8.


106738 Roasted Marshmallow 10" Octagonal Paper Plates

Mackenzie-Childs' pottery is designed "to give a sense

of freedom, jubilance and purity." Now we can enjoy

this offbeat elegance in paper! Whimsical "Roasted

Marshmallow" octagonal dinner plates depict the

painterly checkerboards Mackenzie-Childs is noted for,

and mix well with all their other pieces. Set of 8.


109219 Plaid 10" Octagonal Paper Plates

Mackenzie-Childs' pottery is designed "to give a sense

of freedom, jubilance and purity." Now we can enjoy

this offbeat elegance in paper! A painterly farm

landscape is unexpectedly framed by a harmonizing

tartan plaid, creating lightheartedness that is

distinctively Mackenzie-Childs'. Set of 8.




Are you planning to have some little aliens invade your space? Outfit your favorite module with out-of-this world, full-color 3D-look laser-powered tableware. Distribute astronautically-correct pens, protective glasses, and identifying stickers; bring out the space cards, and have a blast.


Pattern Description:

Be transported! Detailed, 3D-style full-color paintings of the mother ship and fledgling space stations completely cover this lavish plastic tablecloth and tableware. Simulated control panel border is so realistic, it will blow you away. May the forks be with you!


Space Invaders Party Invitations

Welcome fellow space travelers! Inform guests of the proper time and location coordinates for your open portals and no one will be lost in space.


Holographic Alien Specs

Made in Zelienople, Pennsylvania (which is almost like outer space) these Alien Specs are useful for finding escape pods, nutrition packets or maybe even your other glasses. Earth kids love 'em too.






Miss Spider plans the best events.

That cater to your every sense.

Gorgeous pictures for the eye;

Taste a chocolate butterfly!

A piñata bee for cheerful noises

Several entertaining toyses...

A Spider Party, nothing fancy-

Hope it doesn't make you antsy.


Pattern Description:


Miss Spider is an illustration;

Her parties are an inspiration.

Set in sapphire, flower-clad

Yellow polka-dotted mad;

Splendid festive time ensues

With a hostess that can wear eight shoes.


Cone Hat


Framed in fetching skies of blue

Miss Spider's got this hat for you.

She says this is the perfect topper

For the sweetest Photo Oppor.


Wall Decorations


All the bugs have come to tea

The bees, the moths, the fireflies three;

What a dear arachnid triptych!

Miss Spider's putting on her lipstick.

Three 10x12s. If it's not raining,

Later suitable for framing.